Before the dream of a pedestrian park above the Hudson River came to fruition, the abandoned railroad bridge was merely a memory of what Poughkeepsie once was: a bustling industrial thoroughfare servicing both New York City and The Capitol in Albany.  In 1868 an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal introduced the idea to construct a bridge over the Hudson River, it was considered a major breakthrough and operated for almost a century before coming to a halt in 1974. After positive results from economic impact studies in 2007, Walkway Over the Hudson organization began its initiative to raise funds necessary for bridge reconstruction and NYS park establishment.

The The entrance from the Poughkeepsie side parking lot begins with a stroll tucked between Parker and Taylor avenues, dotted tidbits of the history of the walkway and finally emerges high above Washington Street.  The official entrance is marked with a high, stately gate as the bridge begins to cross the Hudson’s waters.  The walkway is always a busy place filled with outdoor enthusiasts who bring their families, friends, dogs, and bikes to enjoy a different perspective of the Hudson River.

Thank you to all the people with the vision and determination to make the Walkway a reality!

Happy Trails!
Kasey Stecher