Newburgh, NY is full of heart, culture, and great people. The Newburgh area was first settled in the early 18th century by the Germans and British. During the American Revolution, Newburgh served as the headquarters of the Continental Army. Pick a street and you’ll be amazed by the historic architecture and diversity in craftsmanship and style. Newburgh is a true diamond in the rough and everyone is beginning to take notice. Hidden treasures are slowly being unearthed through careful, thoughtful renovation and revitalization revealing the timeless beauty of the city. Newburgh has a bad reputation and history of crime, but with focus on the arts, new businesses moving into the area, and heart, there is a buzz of excitement surrounding this city’s possibility. Watch Newburgh On the Rise, Restoration Newburgh, and Newburgh Last Saturdays as they document the stunning before and afters. Join in when they cheer, “Newburgh’s time is NOW!”