1088 MORTON BOULEVARD  |  KINGSTON, NY  |  845.331.2739

This gem of a restaurant is going to be a little hard to find, but we promise you it’s worth the effort.  Makio Idesako, the chef and owner of Sushi Makio, has been practicing his craft for almost forty years, more than qualifying for the honorific name of Itamae, or master chef. Makio opened his first restaurant, Sastsuma – Ya, in Mamaroneck in 1989. His creations there inspired two write ups in the New York Times, and a loyal band of followers. He opened the intimate but very comfortable Sushi Makio in December.


The restaurant’s menu is inspired, but the best way to experience the chef’s talents is at the bar,  marveling the “Omakase.”  A two hour affair that features not only plates of sushi and sashimi, but vegetable presentations, perhaps a roasted Spanish mackerel, or steamed mussels in teriyaki broth, finished with green tea and red bean ice creams nestled in a rice flour dough. For $50, $75 or $100 per person, you will be treated to a parade of beautifully designed dishes that incorporate many of the Japanese artistic disciplines like flower arranging, origami and painting – combining not only flavors, but textures and colors that must be savored visually first, and only then, tasted. Slowly.

– Joe Steinger of North Country Rambler