Courtney U.

Courtney spends her time practicing yoga, hiking, skiing, paddling, and getting lost now and then on the road less traveled. Along for the ride is her partner in crime, a goldendoodle named Izzi! Her passion for travel is contagious and she lives to share her experiences with like minded people who are eager to explore and discover!

Erin S.

With a voracious love of learning, Erin grew up searching for new ways to be inspired. It wasn’t until she left home to live in Spain that she rediscovered adventure and what it meant to belong to a community. Erin brought this quest seeking attitude home to the Hudson Valley, spending her weekends along the possibilities of the riverbank. She also spends her time cooking for her friends and family, practicing yoga, reading, writing, and lesson planning. 

Leigh B.

Leigh B has always been inspired to travel and experience living in new areas of the country. Though born and raised in the Hudson Valley, she spent time moving about the east coast before uprooting and landing in Portland, OR. She found the community, culture, and sustainable lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest resonated with her and fell in love with the area’s nuanced approach to good food and drink.

Sommer H.

Sommer relocated to the Hudson Valley four years ago after a long, long tenure as an entertainment publicist in New York City. The transition is nearly complete. A homeowner in Beacon, she writes for Hudson Valley Compass, Paper and her own blog, The Walnut Street Gazette. Drawing on her former life as a dancer, Sommer now leads yoga classes at Shambhala Yoga Center in Beacon. She is passionate about music, food, film, photography, animals, localism, environmentalism and tending her garden.

Mike T.

When he first moved to Poughkeepsie in 2000, on a trip to Barnes and Noble, he bought a hiking guide, beginning his adventure around hills and mountains of the Hudson Valley. He quickly realized that, living in Poughkeepsie, you can drive less than an hour in any direction and arrive at gorgeous natural places to explore, leading him to create his own set of trail guides on He still feels lucky to live in a place where you can go on vacation after work on a Tuesday and be home before dark.

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Kasey S.

Kasey Stecher is a Hudson Valley native who settled down amidst the Valley’s beauty. Originally from Orange County and now residing in rural Dutchess, Kasey spends her time teaching, reading, and cooking. Though having been a mommy the past 4 years to a German Shepherd, Foxy, Kasey is thrilled to be learning the ins and outs of being a new mom to her son, Alexander. She’s a lover of Shakespeare, early American literature, and the outdoors.

Joe S.

Joe S has been writing about the Hudson Valley food scene for over thirty years.  Joe is also an avid outdoorsman, a NY State licensed outdoor guide and fly fishing instructor.  Joe has written for Hudson Valley Magazine and the Poughkeepsie Journal’s Dining Out column. His rustic bread baking and food & wine tasting adventures are posted regularly on his blog,

Jaclyn W.

Jaclyn delights in the name and face recognition that comes with being a 3rd-generation Pawling resident—perhaps because it’s cozy, or perhaps because it makes her feel like a real Rory Gilmore in a real Stars Hollow. She is proud to contribute to Hudson Valley Compass, finding it to be a chance to rediscover and share the spots that she loves with other area adventurers. She frequents tea shops and antique stores, and is currently searching for the perfect vintage dress form to accessorize her living room by day, and haphazardly affix her amateur sewing projects to by night.

Noel I.

One semester at Marist College was enough to hook Noel on the Hudson Valley. Noel finds comfort in the suburban areas around her alma mater but also the majestic rural landscapes of which there are none back home. Oatmeal raisin cookies, Johnny Depp, and the color purple have a place on Noel’s list of favorite things. In her travels, she will be on the lookout for some combination of all three!

Natalie K.

Natalie is associate photographer at J.Ferrara Photography, located in Cornwall, NY. Her photography ranges from products to weddings. She absolutely loves her job, which shows in her work. Natalie grew up in the Hudson Valley, and has lived in several locations including Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, and now Cornwall on Hudson. One of her favorite things about living in the Hudson Valley is running on a crisp fall day through the beautiful fall colors.

Mike C.

Michael Credo was born in Beacon, raised in Fishkill, and lives in Wappingers Falls with wife and two kids. He enjoys the outdoors has hiked all over NY state and the Hudson Valley, and acts as a kayaking guide during summer months. No matter what season, he is outdoors exploring and snapping pictures.

Michael O.

Michael is a craftsman first and an artist second– taking joy in a modern aesthetic with classic principles of landscape composition to create simple, bold interpretations of the Hudson Valley. He approaches each shot in a simple manner: “start with the primary feature and build the rest of the photo in layers. Add only what is necessary to accentuate the primary subject.” His reverence for the land leads him to portray his subjects with a level of disassociation. The viewer is invited to observe the scene but they play no role in its presence.

Samantha M.

Samantha has lived in Somers, New York for her entire life. As a second-generation Westchester County resident, Samantha can’t wait to share her knowledge of hidden gems in the area. Despite her penchant for urban daytrips, Samantha ultimately prefers the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the Hudson Valley over the industrial and crowded streets of New York City. Samantha enjoys writing, reading, exercising, and exploring. She has a passion for French culture and language, and nothing makes her happier than an intellectual conversation with great company over a hot cup of café au lait.

Sandy S.

Sandy is an avid photographer who takes advantage of every learning opportunity possible. Her favorite types of photography include sports, nature, and architecture. She enjoys being outdoors, venturing into unknown areas to get that one perfect picture. In addition to photography, Sandy has a passion for math and sciences, and yearns to discover the mysteries of the universe. Her dog, Muffin, goes everywhere with her and shares her sense of adventure.

Jennifer B.

Jennifer loves exploring the Hudson Valley’s new and classic places, as well as traveling, hiking, foraging, farmstands and CSAs, dance, music, art, films, books, cooking the world’s grandma food and eating a super fresh slab of fish or a nice chunk of stinky cheese. She lives in Rhinebeck with her two tweens and three felines. Find her website at

Alecia E.

Alecia Lynn is a writer/editor based in Woodstock. She works regularly with Luna Luna Magazine, Diner Porn, Catskill Made, and other local and online publications. She loves calligraphy, coffee, and dancing in the kitchen with her Dachshund puppy and her pleasantly plump cat. See the portfolio that she shares with her partner-in-crime, Tom Smith, at Eberhardt Smith. Follow her exploits at @alecialynn.

Alanna F.

Alanna is a Hudson Valley resident enthusiastic about the local farms & gardens, abundant hiking trails, and environmental organizations focusing on the health of The Hudson River. She can be found hiking with her Miniature Australian Shepherd, Gemma, by her side or working on expanding her organic garden. Living nearby the River allows for plenty of kayaking with her husband, Kevin, and any friends or family willing to give it a try. She looks forward to participating and volunteering with community environmental organizations and learning as much as she can from local farmers and beekeepers!  

Kelsey K.

Kelsey has always called the Hudson Valley her home. Growing up in Dutchess County, she could always be found exploring locally and spent her time finding new, hidden places, with her camera always in hand.  Having recently returned home to the Hudson Valley, Kelsey is falling back in love with the places she knows so well. She can be found hiking the Hudson Highlands, exploring waterfalls up and down the Hudson River.

Ethan H.

 After graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Western Massachusetts, he decided to return home to the Hudson Valley to pursue a career in photography.  The Hudson Valley has always been an inspiring place for Ethan to be – pushing him to get out and explore as often as possible.  Whether shooting farms, restaurants, small businesses or events, I aim to use my photography to tell a compelling story of the people and community around me.  

Jeffrey S.

When not hiking, backpacking, kayaking, cooking, or picking through old record crates, Jeffrey is the Hudson Valley Compass web designer. He also works as a content creator  and creative director at a New York City book publisher. A recent transplant to Beacon after 15 years in Brooklyn, he thinks the 4 day a week train commute is more than worth it to be able to come home to the Hudson Valley. Check out his photos of his adventures around the HV on Instagram!